Falling Just to Fly

When did talking to another human being become the scariest thing in the world?

Crabtree Falls, Virginia

Crabtree Falls, Virginia


(by Tomasito)
She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

What does Hope

Leave behind

When she gets


Does the house

Start rotting

The shingles peeled off

Like stamps?

A lonely porch

sagging under

The weight of a half-empty


The walls

Crumpled up

Like despised letters

From a lover whose

Feet grew cold?

Does the hearth

Choke on soot?

Does the furnace

Freeze over?

Do the chandeliers

Crash to the


Does anyone

Even notice?

-Faircloth Kirk

City of Whitewash

The light turns green

            It whispers of freedom

And all the cars fall for the lie

I open my eyes

            The City is gorgeous

                        But your beauty just makes me sigh.


Your air is sweet

            It’s sweeter than poison

                        I gulp it down like a drug.

Your glass towers smile.

            They think I don’t notice

                        The dirt they’ve swept under the rug.


I know who you are

            Your mask doesn’t fool me

                        I know that you want me to die.

But my mouth stays shut.

            I want you, I need you.

                        Beside me, the cars race by.



In the center of town

            Is a park full of rides

                        Admission will cost me my soul.

I know that it’s wrong

            But I pull out my wallet

                        And crying, I pay the toll.


Your streets cry out

            They promise me gold

                        But I know they’ll just make me fall.

I watch as you smirk

            If the meek get the world

                        Then, Honey, you’ll lose it all.


I’d burn down these temples

            I’d tear down these walls

                        But I don’t want people to stare.

So the City just laughs

            She’s seen this before.

                        And, like the cars, she goes nowhere.

-Faircloth Kirk